This industry is about connections.

Your project’s purpose is to connect with people on a cerebral, coronary, or visceral way. Maybe it is a reminder of joy, pain, loss, or gain. Maybe it is a window into a world with just one less problem – or maybe a different world entirely. It is a line drawn between two moments. A message. A connection.

I believe in a world of connections. I believe that my job is to have a true understanding of the world around me, and call upon that understanding to capture a moment in time that connects a message with its audience.

I believe in a connection to my craft. I believe it is my duty to be on the bleeding edge of skill. I believe in constant improvement of the mechanics of my craft. I believe that is the difference between just having a voice, and having a point of view.

I believe in connecting with all aspects of the world around me. I believe that being a ‘student of life’ and learning something every day is worth striving for because it keeps your mind full of vitality. I believe in learning about everything I can. My interests in technology, emerging trends, and what is popular in our ever-connected culture is a testament to that.

I believe in relationships. They are the natural evolution of connections. That is what I hope for with every client. I believe in the communal respect of the creative process, and always await the next challenge with exhilaration.

Your project is the next challenge. Let me be the conduit for your message.

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